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Integration of Storage Devices into Power Systems with Renewable Energy Sources (S-40)

Summary The recent advances in the state of the art of storage technology have led to wider deployment of storage technologies. This project will develop models and a simulation methodology for analyzing the effects of storage integration on transmission constrained electricity markets over longer-term periods. Our goal is to assess the use of storage as a system resource that provides the flexibility to mitigate the effects of variable renewable energy sources, improves the overall system reliability, and has the ability to provide energy- and capacity-based ancillary services. The methodology can be implemented into practical tools to quantify the system variable effects.
Academic Team Members Project Leader: George Gross (University of Illinois at Urbana, gross@illinois.edu)
Team members: Chanan Singh (Texas A&M University, singh@ece.tamu.edu), Alex Sprintson (Texas A&M University, spalex@tamu.edu), Alejandro Dominguez-Garcia (University of Illinois at Urbana, aledan@illinois.edu)
Industry Team Members Navin Bhatt (AEP), Janos Toth (British Columbia Transmission Corporation), Ali Chowdhury (California ISO), Frank Galvan (Entergy), Mahendra Patel (PJM), Liang Min (EPRI), Dejan Sobajic (New York ISO), Xiaochuan Luo (ISO New England), Sundar Venkataraman (GE)