Power Systems Engineering Research Center


PSERC's Organization


Universities and Executive Committee

PSERC's Director is Vijay Vittal, who is at Arizona State University, PSERC's lead university. The Director is responsible for overseeing all affairs of PSERC. The Deputy Director, Anna Rosa Lampis, manages the center's operations, office personnel, communications, and industry relations. The Site Directors are PSERC's representatives and liaisons to their local university faculty, staff and administration. The Director and Site Directors comprise PSERC's Executive Committee. The PSERC member universities and their respective Site Directors are:

Arizona State
(Kory Hedman)
(Shmuel Oren)
Colorado School of Mines 
(P.K. Sen)

(Lang Tong)

Georgia Tech 
(A.P. Sakis Meliopoulos)

Howard University 
(James Momoh)

(Alejandro Dominguez-Garcia)

Iowa State 
(Venkataramana Ajjarapu)

Texas A&M 

Washington State 
(Anjan Bose)

Wichita State 
(Ward Jewell)

(Bernard Lesieutre

Industry Advisory Board

An Industry Advisory Board provides the critical linkage between industrial members and PSERC. The Board works with the universities to identify research and education opportunities, reviews and recommends projects, and works with the Director and Executive Committee to address PSERC business and policy matters.

The current Board officers are Mark Westendorf (MISO), Chair. and Evangelo Farantatos (EPRI), Vice Chair. The Industry Advisory Board meets twice annually. At the meetings, industrial members conduct Board business, meet researchers and students from the member universities, hear progress reports on research projects and proposals for new projects, and engage in current issue discussions with researchers and other industry members.

Research Stem Committees

Each research stem has a committee that organizes its research activities. Industrial members join researchers as stem committee members to set research directions, organize projects, and facilitate high quality research. The current stem committee chairs are:

  • Markets: Kory Hedman, Chair, Arizona State University; Tongxin Zheng, Vice-Chair, ISO-NE.
  • Systems: Venkataramana Ajjarapu, Iowa State University; Di Shi Vice-Chair, GEIRI
  • Transmission and Distribution Technologies: Ward Jewell, Wichita State University;
    Alan Engelmann, Vice-Chair, Exelon