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Presentations by PSERC University Members

This folder contains slides from technical presentations and tutorials made by PSERC researchers. There is also a folder with a tutorial on power electronic applications in utilities that was given at the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign.


Reliability Concepts and Market Power
Date: 12/10/00   
Fernando Alvarado 03/06/03 474.50 KB PPT 00-01
Capacity Payments and Supply Adequacy in Competitive Electricity Markets
Date: 02/05/01  
Shmuel S. Oren 03/06/03 336.36 KB PDF 01-02
Locational Aspects of Distributed Generation
Date: 02/06/01   
Fernando L. Alvarado 03/06/03 147.29 KB PDF 01-03
Interdependencies In Networks
Date: 02/06/01   
Fernando Alvarado 03/06/03 176.73 KB PDF 01-04
On the Inherent Inefficiencies of TLR for Trading Electricity
Date: 02/06/01   
Fernando L. Alvarado 03/06/03 453.33 KB PDF 01-05
A Comparison of the Results of Three Auction Experiments
Date: 05/10/01   
Robert J. Thomas, Timothy D. Mount, Ray D. Zimmerman and Carlos Murillio-Sanchez 03/06/03 131.44 KB PDF 01-06
Electric Service Reliability
Date: 09/10/01  
Fernando Alvarado 03/06/03 398.85 KB PDF 01-07
Microgrids and the Macrogrid
Date: 10/15/01   
03/06/03 2.20 MB PPT 01-08
Testing Market Structures Before Problems Occur
Date: 02/11/02   
Tim Mount 03/06/03 289.15 KB PDF 02-09
A Tutorial on the Flowgates versus Nodal Pricing Debate
Fernando Alvarado and Shmuel Oren 03/06/03 119.73 KB PDF 02-10
MicroGrid Operation and Control
Date: 04/18/02   
Robert H. Lasseter, A. P. Sakis Meliopoulos and Giri Venkataramanan 03/06/03 1.47 MB PDF 02-11
Contemporary Topics in Electric Power Quality
Date: 04/18/02   
G. T. Heydt 03/06/03 245.56 KB PDF 02-12
The FERC Standard Market Design GIGANOPR: Research Needs
Presentation at "Modernizing the National Electric Power Grid". New Orleans. November 18-19, 2002. Uploaded: Sep. 26, 2005.  
George Gross 09/26/05 76.63 KB PDF 02-13a
Voltage Constraints and Power Nomograms
Presented at the May 2002 PSERC Industry Advisory Board Meeting. Uploaded: May 2002.  
Luis Julian Zuluaga and Fernando L. Alvarado 09/26/05 219.50 KB PPT 02-13b
Creating Incentives for New Technologies in the Transmission System of the Future
Infocast Transmission Summit 2002. Washington DC, January 31 2002. Uploaded: Sep. 29, 2005.  
Fernando Alvarado 09/29/05 78.22 KB PDF 02-13c
Monitoring Electric Power Markets: The Role of the Electric Grid
Date: 03/05/03  
Robert J. Thomas 06/24/03 6.71 MB PDF 03-13
The FERC Standard Market Design Proposal
George Gross 06/24/03 599.65 KB PDF 03-14
Real Time Control of Power Grids
Seminar given on June 20, 2003  
Anjan Bose, Kevin Tomsovic and Mani Venkatasubramanian 06/24/03 374.82 KB PDF 03-15
Data Visualization for Effective Grid Monitoring & Control in a Complex Operating Environment
Seminar given on June 20, 2003  
Tom Overbye 06/24/03 1.21 MB PDF 03-16
Comprehensive Reliability Assessment
Seminar given on June 20, 2003  
Sakis Meliopoulos 06/24/03 901.91 KB PDF 03-17
Designing and Testing Markets for Electricity and its Ancillary Services: What we do and how it?s done.
Seminar presentation on June 20, 2003.  
Robert J. Thomas 06/24/03 13.61 MB PDF 03-18
Electric Power Transmission: Research Needs to Sustain a Critical National Infrastructure
Presentation to the Energy Council in March 2003.  
Bob Thomas 08/16/03 1.11 MB PDF 03-19
A Short Course on Synchronous Machines and Synchronous Condensers
G. Heydt, S. Kalsi and E. Kyriakides 09/25/03 342.56 KB PDF 03-20
Some Reflections On The Status And Trends In Power Engineering Education
- Power engineering education: the present status - What do statistics indicate - Undergraduate and graduate program trends - Faculty shifts - Curriculum developments - Recommendations   
George Gross 11/03/03 62.16 KB PDF 03-21
Assessment of Transmission Congestion Impacts on Electricity Markets
University of New South Wales, Kensington, Australia, Sep. 23, 2004  
George Gross 11/20/04 425.12 KB PDF 04-01
Challenges and Opportunities in the New Transmission Business, Part 1
Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference, 26?29 September 2004, The University of Queensland, St. Lucia, Brisbane, Australia  
George Gross 11/20/04 4.87 MB PDF 04-02
Challenges and Opportunities in the New Transmission Business, Part 2
George Gross 11/20/04 5.15 MB PDF 04-03
Overall blackout risk and cascading failure
Uploaded June 11, 2005.  
Ian Dobson, Ben Carreras, and David Newman 06/11/05 177.59 KB PDF 05-01
Practical Electric Power Quality Tutorial
Slides from a power quality seminar sponsored by Westar Energy in Wichita, Kansas in June 2005. The slides are in a zipped file. Copyright 2005 by Ward Jewell.  
Ward Jewell 07/06/05 4.26 MB ZIP 05-02
Power Factor and Reactive Power
A presentation on power factor and correction by Ward Jewell, Wichita State Site Director, for customers of Westar Energy.  
Ward Jewell 10/18/06 2.23 MB PDF 06-01
Photovoltaic Generation and the Electric Grid (Slide Presentation)
Presenter: Ward Jewell, Professor of Electrical Engineering, Wichita State University. Uploaded on April 9, 2009.  
Ward Jewell 04/21/09 1.13 MB PDF 09-01