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Grid Reliability


National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Smart Grid Advisory Committee (SGAC) Report
NIST Smart Grid Advisory Committee 03/19/12 1.32 MB PDF 12-01
Western States Power Crisis: White Paper
EPRI 03/28/07 487.16 KB PDF 2001-01
Dynamic Interactions in the Western United States Electricity Spot Markets
Dynamic interactions between six electricity spot markets in the western United States are examined using time series analysis and directed graphs. Results show the western trading region to be highly integrated. The California market appears to be the driving force for prices in contemporaneous time. Seasonal analyses suggest there are seasonal differences in the short-run price discovery mechanisms. In the longer run, price dynamics appear to be similar between seasons. The mid-Columbia spot market appears to be the dominant market in the long run in both seasons.  
Christine A. Jerko, James W. Mjelde and David A. Bessler 03/28/07 293.95 KB PDF 2002-01
Transmission Enhancement Technology Report
This report (dated July 2002) was prepared by SSR Engineers, Inc. for WAPA. It contains a review of methods and technologies with potential to enhance electricity transmission capability to integrate lignite and wind energy into the transmission grid. It references numerous PSERC projects.  
Western Area Power Administration 03/28/07 51.84 KB PDF 2002-02
New Release: Power Crisis
EPRI 03/28/07 30.50 KB DOC 2002-03
ETSO - Association of European Transmission Operators
The slide presentation provides a brief introduction to ETSO.  
03/28/07 501.46 KB PDF 2002-04
RTE - The French Transmission Operator
This slide presentation describes the organization of the RTE.  
03/28/07 1.34 MB PDF 2002-05
SuperGrid Workshop Report and Presentations
This webpage provides a report and presentations from of the National Energy Supergrid Workshop, which was held on November 6-8, 2002 in Palo Alto, California. The purpose of the workshop was to investigate the technical feasibility of a proposal developed by Chauncey Starr, founder and emeritus president of EPRI, for the creation of an electric power transmission ?Continental SuperGrid? to meet the nation?s energy needs in the mid to later half of the 21st Century. The National Energy Supergrid Workshop had a number of PSERC individuals as organizers, presenters and attendees. The PSERC participants included Fernando Alvarado, Dale Bradshaw, George Gross, Dale Krummen, Bob Lasseter, Shmuel Oren, and Tom Overbye.  
Tom Overbye 03/28/07 URL 2003-01
Transforming the Grid to Revolutionize Electric Power in North America
Presentation by Jimmy Glotfelty, Office of Electric Transmission and Distribution, U.S. Department of Energy, at the Industry Advisory Board meeting on December 11, 2003  
Jimmy Glotfelty 03/28/07 1.88 MB PDF 2003-03
Monitoring and Control of Power Grids: Looking Beyond Reliability Standards
Anjan Bose, Washington State University 09/20/03 29.27 KB PDF 2003-04
Modeling Post-Disturbance Consequences: Uncertainty in Power System Dynamic Simulation
Ian A. Hiskens, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Bernie C. Lesieutre, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 09/16/03 63.91 KB PDF 2003-05
Automated Monitoring and Analysis
Mladen Kezunovic, Texas A&M University 09/08/03 16.13 KB PDF 2003-06
Distributed Generation
Robert H. Lasseter, University of Wisconsin-Madison 09/04/03 16.79 KB PDF 2003-07
Power System Operation and Visualization
Thomas J. Overbye, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 09/10/03 404.24 KB PDF 2003-08
The New Electric Power Business: An Information-Based Revolution
Robert J. Thomas, Cornell University 09/05/03 37.63 KB PDF 2003-09
Blackout of 2003: Description and Responses
Presentation describing the Northeast U.S. and Canada blackout in August 2003.  
Dennis Ray, PSERC 05/06/10 3.85 MB PDF 2003-10
Voltage Collapse Simulation (Eastern Interconnection Scenario)
This simulation applies major events in the Blackout of 2003 to Eastern Interconnection model from 1998 showing that the older model also experienced voltage collapse after those major events.  
Dennis Ray, PSERC 10/01/03 2.41 MB PDF 2003-11
What is Reactive Power?
Peter W. Sauer, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 09/16/03 77.59 KB PDF 2003-12
Simulation of a DC Voltage Collapse
Peter W. Sauer, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 09/16/03 199.50 KB PPT 2003-13
Simulation of an AC Voltage Collapse
Peter W. Sauer, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 09/16/03 62.93 KB PDF 2003-14
The Protection System in Bulk Power Networks
James S. Thorp, Cornell University 09/08/03 24.82 KB PDF 2003-15
Transient Stability and Control of Large Scale Power Systems
Vijay Vittal, Iowa State University 09/04/03 199.86 KB PDF 2003-16
Analyzing out Events: Experience from the Major Western Blackouts in 1996
Mani V. Venkatasubramanian, Washington State University 08/20/03 17.82 KB PDF 2003-17
Report on Existing and Potential Electric System Constraints and Needs Within the ERCOT Region
This report was prepared by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) System Planning Transmission Services staff. It is intended to be a report of the status of the transmission system in the ERCOT Region and ERCOT?s recommendations to address transmission constraints.  
ERCOT System Planning Transmission Services 03/28/07 2.05 MB PDF 2004-01
Selected Information about the July 31 Blackout in India Affecting the Northern and Eastern Regions
08/02/12 1.89 MB PDF 2012-01
Hurricane Sandy: NYISO Preparations, Response & Recovery
NYISO 11/02/12 429.86 KB PDF 2012-2