Power Systems Engineering Research Center


Spring 2019:


How to attend the webinar: Use Adobe Connect to listen to the webinar through your computer's speakers or headphones. To join the webinar, go here. Enter firstname lastname (organization). 

If you have not used Adobe Connect before, test your system ahead of the webinar by clicking here. The site also includes information on how to obtain additional technical support, if needed. To test for connection/firewall issues, click here
Asking questions during the webinar: You can submit questions or comments during the webinar using Adobe Connect by entering your question into the Q&A box.
Professional Development Hour (PDH) certification: PDH certification is available to PSERC members that attend the webinar when it's aired (we use the Adobe Connect login information to check attendance). To request a PDH certification send an email to pserc@asu.edu with the subject 'PDH'. Include the name and title of each participant.
Webinar Organizer: Alejandro Dominguez-Garcia, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
Assistance: If you have any questions, please email PSERC.