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Spring 2017:

Fall 2017:

How to attend the webinar: Use Adobe Connect to listen to the webinar through your computer's speakers or headphones. To join the webinar, go to https://connect.asu.edu/pserc, enter firstname lastname (organization). 

If you have not used Adobe Connect before, please test your system ahead of the webinar by visiting: http://links.asu.edu/ACspeakertest. The site also includes information on how to obtain additional technical support, if needed.
To test for connection/firewall issues visit: http://links.asu.edu/ACtest.

Asking questions during the webinar: You can submit questions or comments during the webinar using Adobe Connect by entering your question into the Q&A box.

Professional Development Hour (PDH) certification: PDH certification is available to PSERC members that attend the webinar when it's aired (we use the Adobe Connect login information to check attendance). To request a PDH certification send an email to pserc@asu.edu with the subject 'PDH'. Include the name and title of each participant.

PSERC's Webinar Organizer: Prof. Alejandro Dominguez-Garcia, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, aledan@illinois.edu.

PSERC Webinar Coordinator: Laura DiPaolo, Arizona State University, laura.dipaolo@asu.edu.

Assistance: If you have any questions, please email pserc@asu.edu.

Past Webinars

Recordings of past webinars are grouped below by general topic: