Power Systems Engineering Research Center

Industry Membership

PSERC offers a productive and stimulating collaboration between universities, industry and government to conduct research to solve challenges facing the electric energy industry. It also strives to educate the next generation of power and energy engineers who will fill job openings created by the tremendous number of retirements coming in the engineering workforce. Industry members benefit from:

  • access to experienced researchers in multiple disciplines at universities across the U.S.
  • leading-edge research in cost-effective projects jointly developed by industry leaders and university experts
  • interchange of ideas and collaboration among academia, industry and government on crucial industry issues
  • efficient contact with potential job candidates that have the job training and industry exposure needed in the organization.

About forty PSERC industry members come from a broad cross-section of the industry, both domestically and internationally. For an annual fee, industry members collaboratively structure PSERC's research program, receive research results, participate in a range of continuing education opportunities, and sustain high quality university power engineering programs critically needed as a part of the industry's infrastructure. About PSERC provides additional information.

Semi-annual meeting

At semi-annual meetings, industry, researchers and students dialog on research and education activities, and discuss industry challenges. In the picture above, Professor Vijay Vittal, PSERC's Director, and his student are discussing the status of a current project with industry members.

2004 Workshop

At an annual planning workshop, industry and university members work "face-to-face" to identify research needs and opportunities. Industry members also join university researchers on the three research stem committees (T&D Technologies, Systems, and Markets) for research planning, proposal evaluation, and project implementation.