Power Systems Engineering Research Center

S-92G Project Summary 

Feasibility Assessment of Synchronous Operations of the North American Eastern and Western Interconnections

Summary The project will focus on doing steady state and dynamic analysis to demonstrate the feasibility of synchronous operations of the actual North American Eastern and Western Interconnections, along with an analysis using the synthetic versions of each of these interconnects. The idea is to build on the work of previous studies, such as power flow and economic studies, which have indicated potentially large benefits from doing such an interconnection. 
Academic Team Members Project Leader: Thomas J. Overbye (Texas A&M University, overbye@tamu.edu)
Team Members: Komal Shetye (Texas A&M University, shetye@tamu.edu)
Industry Team Members Jay Caspary (SPP)
Project Period February 15, 2020 to December 31, 2020