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A Framework for Transmission Planning Under Uncertainty (M-30)

Summary Currently transmission planning, as widely practiced in the electricity power industry, is primarily based on the deployment of deterministic techniques. However, transmission planning by its very nature confronts a wide range of sources of uncertainty that may be difficult to analytically characterize. We propose to develop a new framework for transmission planning with the explicit consideration of uncertainty. For this purpose, we will collect a representative set of requirements and investigate the construction of an appropriate framework to allow the explicit consideration of the wide range of uncertainty in today’s competitive electricity market environment.
Academic Team Members Project Leader: Lizhi Wang (Iowa State Univ., lzwang@iastate.edu)
Team members: George Gross (Univ. of Illinois at Urbana gross@illinois.edu)
Sakis Meliopoulos (Georgia Institute of Technology, a.meliopoulos@ece.gatech.edu)
Industry Team Members Lan Trinh (ABB), Anil Jampala (Alstom Grid), Flora Flygt (American Transmission Company), Kip Morison (BC Hydro), Aftab Alam (California ISO), Jim Price (California ISO), Anish Gaikwad (EPRI), Feng Zhao (ISO New England), David Mindham (ITC Holdings), Hussam Sehwail (ITC Holdings), Aditya Jayam Prabhakar (Midcontinent ISO), Michael Swider (New York ISO), Juan Castaneda (SCE), Robert Sherick (SCE), Shih-Min Hsu (Southern Co.), Murali Kumbale (Southern Co.), Harvey Scribner (SPP)