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Power Markets

New Operation Tools for Improving Flexibility and Reliability of Systems with Variable Resources and Storage Devices (M-32)

Summary High penetration levels of variable resources such as wind and solar power introduce significant uncertainty into the power system and electricity markets. It is a great challenge for system operators to maintain reliable operation and efficient markets with simultaneous maximum utilization of renewable energy. This project aims to propose new operational tools to improve both system flexibility and reliability in the real-time dispatch procedure. The new dispatch models will explore the integration of storage devices of various types (distributed batteries, pumped hydro etc.) as well as flexible demand control and assess their impact on system flexibility. The newly proposed dispatch model will be developed into a simulation platform for realistic evaluation of the proposed models in real-world large-scale systems (the SPP 2020 planning study model will be used ¿ 16,000 buses, 90 GW wind capacity).
Academic Team Members Project Leader: Andy Sun (Georgia Tech, andy.sun@isye.gatech.edu)
Team members: Le Xie (Texas A&M Univ., lxie@ece.tamu.edu)
Sakis Meliopoulos (Georgia Tech, sakis.m@gatech.edu)
Industry Team Members Feng Gao (ABB Corp.-Ventyx); Prashant Kansal (AEP); Zhenhua Wang (AEP); Xing Wang (ALSTOM Grid); Aftab Alam (California ISO); Jim Price (California ISO); Robert Entriken (EPRI); Evangelos Farantatos (EPRI); Eamonn Lannoye (EPRI); Nikhil Kumar (GE Energy Management); Eugene Litvinov (ISO New England); Tongxin Zheng (ISO New England); Nivad Navid (Midcontinent ISO); Li Zhang (Midcontinent ISO); Zafer Sahinoglu (MERL); Hongbo Sun (MERL); Ms. Jinyun Zhang (MERL); Hong Chen (PJM); Harvey Scribner (SPP)