Power Systems Engineering Research Center

M-35 Project Summary 

Robust and Decentralized Operations for Managing Renewable Generation and Demand Response in Large-Scale Distribution Systems

Summary The distribution system is becoming more complex and active. Distribution system operators may face a portfolio of an extremely large number of devices including distributed generators (DG), demand response (DR) resources, storage devices, and emerging proactive customers with various resources (electric vehicles, smart appliances, rooftop PVs, TCLs). Many of these devices may exhibit stochastic supply or consumption patterns. A portfolio of these devices can significantly increase the flexibility of the distribution system for system balancing and congestion management.

The goal of this project is to develop new operational models and algorithms to efficiently operate such a large portfolio of controllable but uncertain resources in an active distribution system with the aim to increase flexibility and reliability of both distribution and transmission systems. The proposed models will provide the industry with computational tools to manage various types of uncertainties through robust optimization techniques and a mixture of centralized and decentralized control schemes in order to improve scalability of the operational algorithms. The project will also explore efficient solution methods for incorporating unbalanced multi-phase power flow models in the proposed scheduling algorithms in order to accurately model the distribution system.
Academic Team Members Project Leader: Andy Sun (Georgia Institute of Technology, andy.sun@isye.gatech.edu)
Team members: Duncan Callaway (University of California-Berkeley, dcal@berkeley.edu)
Industry Team Members Mirrasoul J. Mousavi (ABB), Ying Xiao (ALSTOM), Xing Wang (ALSTOM), Curtis Roe (ATC), Jim Price (CAISO), Erik Ela (EPRI), Evangelos Farantatos (EPRI), Aidan Tuohy (EPRI), Qin Wang (EPRI), Miguel Ortega-Vasquez (EPRI), Tongxin Zheng (ISO NE), Lei Fan (GE Energy Consulting, lei.fan@ge.com), Masoud Abbaszadeh (GE Global Research), Bahman Darynian (GE Global Research), Santosh Veda (GE Global Research), Eduard Muljadi (NREL), Hong Chen (PJM)
Project Period July 1, 2016 to August 31, 2018