Power Systems Engineering Research Center

M-37 Project Summary 

Development of Expansion Planning Methods and Tools for Handling Uncertainty

Summary Appropriately addressing uncertainty has been recognized as a major challenge for generation and transmission planning. Most existing planning models and tools become computationally intractable when considering a large number of scenarios; however, a small set of scenarios often fail to include the low probability and high impact ones that are critical to ensure the resiliency of the transmission network. We propose to develop a new method for generating a small number of high quality scenarios to help existing expansion planning models and tools to produce more resilient solutions. The effectiveness of the new method will be validated using existing planning tools on realistic case studies.
Academic Team Members Project Leader: Lizhi Wang (Iowa State University, lzwang@iastate.edu)
Team members: James McCalley (Iowa State University), jdm@iastate.edu)
Christopher DeMarco (University of Wisconsin┬┐Madison, cdemarco@wisc.edu)
Industry Team Members Jay Caspary (SPP); Harvey Scribner (SPP); Curtis Roe (ATC); Eknath Vittal (EPRI); Evangelos Farantatos (EPRI); Robin Hytowitz (EPRI); Mark Westendorf (MISO); Aditya JayamPrabhakar (MISO); Lei Fan (GE); Saman Babaei (NYPA); Gary Gu (GE); Keel Brian (SRP); Sakshi Mishra (AEP); Jim Price (CAISO); Matthew Ellis (MISO); Orlando Ciniglio (Idaho Power); Aaron Bloom (NREL); Rebecca Johnson (WAPA); Sara Daubenberger (BPA)
Project Period July 1, 2017 to August 31, 2019