Power Systems Engineering Research Center

M-41 Project Summary 

The Stacked Value of Battery Energy Storage Systems

Summary The objective of this proposal is to develop and implement a comprehensive framework for assessing the impact of stacked battery energy storage system (BESS) services on grid planning, operation, and market outcomes, considering the unique BESS characteristics, intermittency of wind and solar resources, demand shaping due to the high penetration of photovoltaics (PV), and increasing demand from electric vehicles (EVs). To achieve this objective, we propose 1) a stochastic planning approach for optimal placement of utility-scale BESSs; 2) quantitative analysis methods for assessing the impact of stacked BESS services on the grid/market operations; 3) optimal BESS operation strategies for profit maximization through stacked services provision. The proposed framework will provide the industry with a holistic approach for quantitatively assessing BESS impacts on grid planning, operation, and markets.
Academic Team Members Project Leader: Meng Wu (Arizona State, mwu@asu.edu)
Team Members: Daniel Tylavsky (Arizona State, tylavsky@asu.edu); Zhi Chen (Washington State, zhi.chen@wsu.edu)
Industry Team Members Liwei Hao (GE), Yazhou "Leo" Jiang (GE), Xian Guo (GE), Jesse Gantz (Centerica), Bernardo Orvananos (Centrica), Robert Hess (Industry Consultant), Tongxin Zheng (ISO New England), Di Shi (GEIRI North America,), Zhiwei Wang (GEIRI North America), Xiaohu Zhang (GEIRI North America), Zhe Yu (GEIRI North America), Yishen Wang (GEIRI North America), Harvey Scribner (SPP), Jay Caspary (SPP), Doug Bowman (SPP), Ben Kroposki (NREL), Yingchen Zhang (NREL), Santosh Veda (NREL), Akshay Korad (MISO), Michaela Flagg (MISO), Aditya Jayam Prabhakar (MISO), Mark Westendorf (MISO), Jau J Guo (AEP), Evan R Wilcox (AEP), Yazan M Alsmadi (AEP), Tom Weaver III (AEP), John H Tucker (AEP), Cho Wang (AEP), Yohan Sutjandra (The Energy Authority), Heng Chen (ComEd), Nayeem Mohammad Abdullah (ComEd), Maigha Fnu (ComEd), Enkath Vittal (EPRI)
Project Period July 1, 2019 to August 31, 2021