Power Systems Engineering Research Center

M-42 Project Summary 

Modeling and Coordinating Distributed Energy Resources in Power Systems and Markets


This project proposes appropriate DER aggregated modeling, low-voltage ride-through, output coordination, and aggregated market offer techniques to analyze/mitigate DER-induced voltage stability challenges as well as ensure DERs' optimal market participation. The following technical tasks are proposed: 1) quantitative analysis of DER's dynamic response to fault-induced delayed voltage ride-through (LVRT) capability, through electro-magnetic transient (EMT) modeling of DER-penetrated unbalanced distribution feeders; 2) optimization-based calibration of transmission-level 'DER_A' dynamic model (along with the dynamic composite load model), with an integration of physical laws and engineering justifications on the configurations of DER-penetrated distribution systems, for accurate representation of various voltage stability issues on the load site of the system; 3) optimal DER coordination control and aggregated offer strategies, for DER aggregators to optimally participate in the wholesale energy and regulation markets.

Academic Team Members Project Leader: Meng Wu (Arizona State, mwu@asu.edu)
Team Members: Vijay Vittal (Arizona State, vijay.vittal@asu.edu), Alejandro Dominguez-Garcia (UIUC, aledan@illinois.edu)
Industry Team Members Deepak Ramasubramanian (EPRI), Bo Gong (SRP), Hung-Ming Chou (Dominion Energy), Qiang Zhang (ISO-NE), Di Shi (GEIRI North America), Miaolei Shao (GE Global Research), Yingchen Zhang (NREL), Jianzhong Tong (PJM), Aung Oo (CAISO), Yohan Sutjandra (TEA)
Project Period July 1, 2020 to August 31, 2022