Power Systems Engineering Research Center

M-43 Project Summary 

Integrating RTO and utility processes in planning and cost allocation

Summary We address resource and transmission (R&T) investment planning methods, focusing on four objectives: (1) Determine ways new software tools can facilitate long-term planning while exploring interdependencies within RTO interconnection queues, transmission expansion processes, capacity markets, and interregional transmission considerations; (2) Implement a reliability evaluation toll that coordinates with a long-term expansion planning application, explicitly accounting for utility-scale renewables, storage, and DER. (3) We will test an implementation of our tools using large-scale industry-size models, developing results to illustrate relationships between investment robustness, resource adequacy, and operational flexibility. (4) Develop a new cost allocation approach which incorporates investment robustness in identifying benefit.
Academic Team Members Project Leader: James McCalley (Iowa State, jdm@iastate.edu)
Team Members: Jacob Mays (Cornell, jacobmays@cornell.edu), Lizhi Wang (Iowa State, lzwang@iastate.edu)
Industry Team Members Wes Hall (GE Gas Power), Eduardo Ibanez (GE Gas Power), Yifan Li (MISO), Haifeng Liu (CAISO), Harvey Scribner (SPP), Casey Cathey (SPP), Greg Brinkman (NREL), Anthony Giacomoni (PJM), Patrick Panciatici (RTE), Renchang Dai (GEIRINA), Anish Gaikwad (EPRI), Parag Mitra (EPRI), Miguel Ortega-Vazquez (EPRI), Mohamed Osman (NERC)
Project Period July 1, 2021 to August 31, 2023