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Toward Standards for Dynamics in Electric Energy Systems (S-55)

Summary This project introduces systematic wide-area measurement systems (WAMS)-based control/protection requirements to ensure no system-wide instabilities or large power/voltage swings. Structure-preserving models are derived in support of control and protection standards. These models enable one to specify standards in terms of ACE-like criteria to be met by groups of system users; these standards are shown to be necessary for system-wide stability and coordination of inter-area dynamics. Illustrations of stabilizing effects of fast control designed according to the proposed standards and a comparison with the effects of today's Special Protection Schemes (SPSs) are studied. In particular, test cases are simulated to demonstrate how such control can prevent a dynamic system collapse by stabilizing unacceptable swings between the electrically distant locations. Estimates of reduced system-level dynamic reserve requirements when the proposed standards are enforced are provided.
Academic Team Members Project Leader: Marija Ilic (Carnegie Mellon, milic@ece.cmu.edu)
Team members: Vijay Vittal (Arizona State Univ, Vijay.Vittal@asu.edu)
Le Xie (Texas A&M Univ., lxie@ece.tamu.edu)
Industry Team Members Xiaoming Feng (ABB), Reynaldo Nuqui (ABB), Kip Morrison (BC Hydro), Michael Yao (BC Hydro), Khaled Abdul-Rahman (CAISO), Enamul Haq (CAISO), Erik Ela (EPRI), Nilanjan Chaudhuri (GE Global Research), Innocent Kamwa (IREQ), Eugene Litvinov (ISO-NE), Jason Ausmus (ITC Holdings), Kevin Harrison (ITC Holdings), Mark Westendorf (Midcontinent ISO), Ed Mujadi (NREL), Bruce Fardanesh (NYPA), Mahendra Patel (PJM)