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Hybrid Time Domain Simulation: Application to Fault Induced Delayed Voltage Recovery (S-58)

Summary This project develops an approach for hybrid time domain simulation that combines electromechanical transient stability analysis and electromagnetic transient analysis (time domain analysis). This capability will provide the ability to represent desired portions of the system in greater detail and allow for the analysis of phenomena that require attention to unbalance in phases, unsymmetrical faults, and devices that are represented on a single phase basis. While the project will demonstrate the hybrid method for the study of Fault Induced Delayed Voltage Recovery phenomena, the proposed method is general and applicable to a number of problems that require variable detail at different parts of the system such as Geomagnetically Induced Currents, HV ACDC systems, inverter interfaced generation, and others. It will enable electromagnetic transient analysis utilizing the entire model of systems at the required locations.
Academic Team Members Project Leader:Vijay Vittal (Arizona State Univ., vijay.vittal@asu.edu)
Team members: Sakis Meliopoulos (Georgia Tech, sakis.m@gatech.edu)
Industry Team Members Bajarang Agrawal (Arizona Public Service Co.); Evangelos Farantatos (EPRI); Anish Gaikwad (EPRI); Mahendra Patel (EPRI); Bruce Fardanesh (NYPA); Patrick Panciatici (RTE France); Brian Keel (Salt River Project); Juan Castaneda (Southern California Edison)