Power Systems Engineering Research Center

S-63G Project Summary 

Advanced Cyber-Physical Analysis for Smart Grid Distributed ICT and IED Resources at RTE France

Summary The availability of a vast number of substation IEDs and distributed computational resources offers great potential for enhancing the smart grid. However, the distributed computing infrastructures in utilities today are nowhere near adequate to exploit this potential, being decades behind those in other industries. This project will lead to several technologies and tools, and analyze others, to help utilities and vendors to develop next-generation cyber-physical infrastructure using distributed ICT and IED resources. The problems addressed by this project, as well as the software released, will be widely applicable to utilities, ISOs, and vendors.
Academic Team Members Project Leader: Dave Bakken (Washington State University, bakken@wsu.edu)
Team members: Anurag Srivastava (Washington State University, asrivast@eecs.wsu.edu)
Industry Team Members Daniel Arjona (Idaho Power), Patrick Panciatici (RTE France), Juan Castaneda (SCE)
Project Period December 20, 2014 to December 31, 2017