Power Systems Engineering Research Center

S-64 Project Summary 

Monitoring and Maintaining Limits of Area Transfers with PMUs

Summary We will develop practical methods based on PMUs to detect and act on conditions in which transfer of power through areas of the power system should be curtailed to satisfy thermal line limits and small signal stability limits. Closed loop controls for robust stability will also be developed. The larger objective is to combine measurements with physical network models to turn PMU data into actionable advice for operators to improve the management of bulk power transfers and control instabilities.
Academic Team Members Project Leader: Ian Dobson (Iowa State University, dobson@iastate.edu)
Team members: Marija Ilic (Carnegie Mellon University, milic@ece.cmu.edu)
Industry Team Members Guru Pai (Alstom Grid), Anil Jampala (Alstom Grid), Baj Agrawal (APS), Giuseppe Stanciulescu (BC Hydro), Evangelos Farantatos (EPRI), Navin Bhatt (EPRI), Mahendra Patel (EPRI), Dave Schooley (Exelon/ComEd), Alan Engelmann (Exelon/ComEd). Santosh Veda (GE Global Research), Naresh Acharya (GE Global Research), Chaitanya Baone (GE Global Research), Slava Maslennikov (ISO New England), Ed Muljadi (NREL), Paul Runana (WAPA)
Project Period  July 1, 2015 to August 31, 2017