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Real Time Synchrophasor Measurements Based Voltage Stability Monitoring and Control (S-65)

Summary This proposal attempts to improve the situational awareness of the power grid by assessing the short term and long term voltage stability in real time using Synchrophasor measurements. These methods have been validated on standard IEEE test cases and their performance on a real system (~ 10,000 buses) will be studied. The analysis will provide insights on the effective locations for short term monitoring and efficient control strategies. The long term voltage stability assessment using a reduced local network for a given limited number of phasor measurement units will be developed. These algorithms will be integrated and implemented on a Real Time test bed for validation and to anticipate issues in actual implementation.
Academic Team Members Project Leader: Venkataramana Ajjarapu (Iowa State University, vajjarap@iastate.edu)
Team members: Umesh Vaidyam (Iowa State University, ugvaidya@iastate.edu)
Chen-Ching Liu (Washington State University, liu@eecs.wsu.edu)
Industry Team Members Reynaldo Nuqui (ABB), Prasant Kansal (AEP), Jay Giri (Alstom Grid), Aftab Alam (CA ISO), Navin Bhatt (EPRI), Evangelos Farantatos (EPRI), Mahendra Patel (EPRI), Alan Englemann (Exelon/ComEd), David Schooley (Exelon/ComEd), Robert Daquila (GE Energy Management, Energy Consulting), Di Shi (GEIRI North America), Liang Min (LLNL), Eduard Muljadi (NREL), George Stefopoulos (NYPA), Jianzhong Tong (PJM), Juan Castaneda (SCE), Orlando Ciniglio (Idaho Power)