Power Systems Engineering Research Center

S-70 Project Summary 

Leveraging Conservation Voltage Reduction for Energy Efficiency, Demand Side Control and Voltage Stability Enhancement in Integrated Transmission and Distribution Systems

Summary We propose a comprehensive framework that assesses energy saving, demand reduction and stability enhancement potential of conservation voltage reduction (CVR). A new algorithm based on load modeling is developed to assess real-time real/reactive load-reduction effects of CVR. A co-simulation framework for transmission and distribution systems is proposed to investigate the impacts of CVR on voltage stability margins of transmission systems. The identified time-varying load models are integrated into the co-simulation framework to capture CVR effects. The coordination between energy-oriented and stability-oriented CVR will be studied. The mutual impacts between voltage reduction and voltage control of DGs will also be investigated. The combination of these approaches will assist utilities to select feeders to implement voltage reduction, perform cost/benefit analyses, reduce the stress of transmission systems, and improve the operation of integrated transmission and distribution systems.
Academic Team Members Project Leader: Zhaoyu Wang (Iowa State University, wzy@iastate.edu)
Team Members: Hao Zhu (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, haozhu@illinois.edu)
Venkataramana Ajjarapu (Iowa State University, vajjarap@iastate.edu)
Industry Team Members Xiaoming Feng (ABB), Baj Agrawal (APS), Evangelos Faratatos (EPRI), Parag Mitra (EPRI), Chaitanya Baone (GE), Suresh Gautam (GE), Santosh Veda (GE) Liang Min (LLNL), Edin Habibovic (MISO), Eduard Muljadi (NREL), Cuong Nguyen (NYISO), George Stefopoulos (NYPA), Jianzhong Tong (PJM)
Project Period July 1, 2016 to August 30, 2018