Power Systems Engineering Research Center

S-74 Project Summary

Synchrophasor-Data Analytics for a More Resilient Electric Power System

Summary The aim of this proposal is to develop wide area measurement systems (WAMS)-based tools and algorithms for monitoring, protection, and control of the electric power system. The specific topics of focus that we focus are: faster islanding detection schemes and online asset health monitoring (monitoring application); combating cyber-attacks by developing data analytics algorithms that enhance system resiliency (protection application); increasing situational awareness when system has large penetration of renewable generation (control application). Synthetically-generated simulated data will be used to test the tools while synchrophasor data obtained from the field will be used to validate the tool¿s performance for real-world applications.
Academic Team Members Project Leader: Anamitra Pal (Arizona State University, anamitra.pal@asu.edu)
Team members: Lalitha Sankar (Arizona State University, lsankar@asu.edu), Christopher DeMarco (University of Wisconsin-Madison, cdemarco@wisc.edu)
Industry Team Members Alan Engelmann (ComED), Blake Buescher (MISO), Zhongyu Wu (MISO), Di Shi (GEIRI North America), Jay Giri (GE Energy), Reynaldo Nuqui (ABB), Evangelos Farantatos (EPRI), Mahendra Patel (EPRI), Dejan Sobajic (NYISO), Curtis Roe (ATC), Emanuel Bernabeu (PJM), Jianzhong Tong (PJM), George Stefopoulos (NYPA), Gordon Matthews (BPA), Qiang Zhang (ISONE)
Project Period July 1, 2017 to August 31, 2019