Power Systems Engineering Research Center

S-76 Project Summary 

Modeling, Control, and Protection of Multi-Terminal Direct-Current Transmission for Improving Power Grid's Performance

Summary High Voltage DC (HVDC) transmission is a long-standing technology with many installations around the world. Over the past few years, significant breakthroughs in the Voltage-Sourced Converter (VSC) technology along with their attractive features have made the HVDC technology even more promising in providing enhanced reliability, functionality, reducing cost, and power losses. Concomitantly, significant changes in generation, transmission, and loads such as (i) integration and tapping renewable energy generation in remote areas, (ii) need for relocation or bypassing older conventional and/or nuclear power plants, (iii) increasing transmission capacity, and (iv) urbanization and the need to feed the large cities have emerged. These new trends have called for Multi-Terminal DC (MTDC) systems, which when embedded inside the AC grid, can enhance stability, reliability, and efficiency of the present power grid. Amid the optimism surrounding the MTDC grids, the following fundamental research questions must be addressed. Firstly,what control strategies are required to operate the MTDC converter stations? Secondly,how will the MTDC grid interact with its surrounding AC system and what kind of services (e.g., frequency support and power oscillation damping) can it provide? Thirdly,how would a converter station outageimpact the operation/stability of the system? Lastly, how can DC faults be detected, identified, and cleared? To this end, a multi-pronged research effort is proposed to 1)development of suitable dynamic models of the MTDC systems which can be efficiently solved together with the AC systems; 2) design of advanced control strategies enabling the MTDC systems to support the resulting hybrid AC/DC systems; and 3)development of strategies for DC fault detection, identification, and protection of MTDC systems.
Academic Team Members Project Leader: Maryam Saeedifard (Georgia Tech, maryam@ece.gatech.edu)
Team Members: Ali Mehrizi-Sani (Washington State University, mehrizi@eecs.wsu.edu), Jiangchao Quin (Arizona State University, jqin@asu.edu)
Industry Team Members Rambabu Adapa (EPRI, radapa@epri.com), Evangelos Farantatos (efarantatos@epri.com), Neil Kirby (GE Energy Connections), Harvey Scribner (SPP), Reynaldo Nuqui (ABB), Innocent Kamwa (Institut de Recherche d'Hydro-Québec), Saman Babaei (NYPA), Alan Ettlinger (NYPA), Brian Johnson (NREL), Eduard Muljadi (NREL), Di Shi (Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute North America), Mirrasoul Mousavi (ABB), Jiuping Pan (ABB)
Project Period July 1, 2017 to August 31, 2019