Power Systems Engineering Research Center

S-79G Project Summary 

Input-Output Properties of the Power System Swing Dynamics: Identification, Model Reduction, and Controller Designs

Summary Variability in the bulk power transmission network introduced by the integration of intermittent renewables, among other reasons, is necessitating new wide-area controls for managing oscillations and transients. At the same time, new technologies including synchrophasors and power electronics are enabling implementation of fast wide-area controls. The evaluation and design of these controls requires understanding input-output processes---and specifically the presence or absence of nonminimum-phase zeros---in the power network¿s swing dynamics. In a previous PSERC project, we have demonstrated how nonminimum-phase dynamics are tied to the topology and input-output channel location, generation profile, and damping in the network, as well as the specifics of deployed controllers (e.g. HVDC modulation). Further, the project has demonstrated that appropriate modeling of nonminimum-phase behaviors is crucial for many aspects of control/analysis of fast dynamics, including model reduction, disturbance analysis, and control design. This new project will be focused on developing the methods necessary for: 1) model-based quantitative analysis of nonminimum-phase dynamics, 2) model reduction to preserve zero structure, 3) wide-area controller design, and 4) estimation of transfer function zeros from synchrophasor measurements. These design tasks will be achieved by drawing on the topology-based results developed in the first project year, as well as structural transformations and control design techniques that account for a linear system¿s zero dynamics. The investigators will also undertake application of the methods to a model of the France-Spain power network.
Academic Team Members Project Leader: Sandip Roy (Washington State University, sroy@eecs.wsu.edu)
Team Member: Vaithianathan (Mani) Venkatasubramanian (Washington State University, mani@eecs.wsu.edu)
Industry Team Members Patrick Panciatici (RTE)
Project Period January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2018