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Assessing the Reliability of Power Grid with Flexible Demand Response and other Disrupting Factors (S-80G)

Summary Probabilistic methodologies are needed for reliability assurance in the emerging power grids with increasing penetration of renewable resources and enhanced information technologies providing two way communications with the loads. Most of the probabilistic methodologies for assuring reliability have focused on the generation side. Some work has also been done on the demand side but it is based mostly on deterministically shaving the peak or other portions of the load. This research will focus on understanding the fundamental issues involved in the use of responsive demand to improve reliability and reduce the reserve as well the storage in the presence of variable energy sources. More realistic models of contingency responsive demand and generation will be developed.
Academic Team Members Project Leader: Chanan Singh (TAMU, singh@ece.tamu.edu)
Team Member: Le Xie (TAMU, le.xie@ece.tamu.edu)
Industry Team Members Di Shi (GEIRI North America Inc., di.shi@geirina.net)