Power Systems Engineering Research Center

S-84G Project Summary 

Data-Driven and Machine Learning Based Load Modeling

Summary Load modeling is important to the planning, operation and control of power systems. Although many studies have focused on load modeling, it is still a challenging task due to complexity and time variability of loads, and the increasing integration of distributed energy resources and power electronic loads. This project will leverage data-driven techniques and a multitude of measurement data from diverse sources to develop static and dynamic load models. The expected outcomes include load identification algorithms, validation cases, and an open-source software tool for load modeling.
Academic Team Members Project Leader: Zhauoyu Wang (Iowa State, wzy@iastate.edu)            
Industry Team Members Di Shi (GEIRINA), Yishen Wang (GEIRINA), Zhehan Yi (GEIRINA)
Project Period  May 1, 2018 to April 30, 2020