Power Systems Engineering Research Center

S-85G Project Summary 

Analysis Tool for Fast Power System Steady-State Angular Stability Assessment

Summary Determining reliable actionable limits for phase angles measured by Phasor Measurement Units can help trigger remedial control actions in a timely fashion to avoid system blackouts. Traditional ways for calculating the steady-state stability limits always require manually selected interfaces and a pre-defined methodology for system stressing. However, there is no systematic way or NERC Standards for neither one. This project proposes and validates a novel analytical tool for fast assessment of power system steady-state angular stability limit, which provides a new perspective to understand and determine the steady-state angular stability leveraging the nonlinear information within the underlying power system dynamic model. This new tool can determine the angle limits for all lines, i.e. naturally covering all interfaces, without calculating the nonlinear power flow equations. This study would provide guideline for phase angle based system stability monitoring and control.
Academic Team Members Project Leader: Le Xie (TAMU, le.xie@tamu.edu); 
Industry Team Members Xiaochuan Luo (ISO New England). Frankie “Qiang” Zhang (ISO New England), Slava Maslennikov (ISO New England), Mingguo Hong (ISO New England), Tongxin Zheng (ISO New England), Eugene Litvinov (ISO New England)
Project Period January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019