Power Systems Engineering Research Center

S-91 Project Summary 

Generating Value from Detailed, Realistic Synthetic Electric Grids

Summary The goal of this project is to work closely with the industrial team to generate value from large-scale, detailed and realistic synthetic electric grids. The project builds on recent ARPA-E work by the PIs to develop grids that can be used for research, education, commercial development and public engagement. The four project tasks are 1) developing customized grids, 2) developing specific grid scenarios, 3) develop scenarios to explore decision making with uncertainty, and 4) expanding the scope of synthetic grids for coupling with other infrastructures. 
Academic Team Members Project Leader: Tom Overbye (Texas A&M, overbye@tamu.edu)
Team Members: Kate Davis (Texas A&M, katedavis@tamu.edu), Bernie Lesieutre (Wisconsin, lesieutre@wisc.edu), Line Roald (Wisconsin, roald@wisc.edu)
Industry Team Members Harvey Scribner (SPP), Jim Price (CAISO), Bryan Palmintier (NREL), Di Shi (GEIRI), Evangelos Farantatos (EPRI), Cho Wang (AEP), Steven Judd (ISO-NE), Melvin Schoech (CenterPoint), Al Engelmann (ComEd), Yazhou Jiang (GE), Anil Jampala (GE), Mahesh Morjaria (First Solar), Patrick Panciatici (RTE), Jianzhong Tong (PJM), Baj Agrawal (APS), Felicia Ruiz (MISO), Jay Caspary (SPP), Atena Darvishi (NYPA), Paul Myrda (EPRI)
Project Period July 1, 2020 to August 31, 2022