Power Systems Engineering Research Center

S-95 Project Summary 

Reliable fault-ride through and protection of converter-dominated power systems under balanced conditions

Summary Power electronics interfacing renewables, storage, and novel transmission technologies are envisioned to be the cornerstone of tomorrow's resilient and sustainable power systems. While state-of-the-art power converter control can replace grid-forming and grid-supporting functionalities of synchronous machines, their design typically neglects crucial aspects such as unbalanced faults and the interaction between converter protection (e.g., current limiting) and system-level protection. This jeopardizes system reliability and resilience and has already resulted in large-scale system outages and separation events. This proposal is focused on development of a framework that explicitly accounts for current limits, unbalanced conditions, and protection in the control design. The proposed approach will enable reliable and predictable fault-ride through capabilities that do not rely on heuristics, avoid adverse interactions with system protection, and retain the positive impact of grid-forming control on system-level stability when feasible.
Academic Team Members Project Leader: Dominic Gross (University of Wisconsin-Madison, dominic.gross@wisc.edu)
Team Members: Maryam Saeedifard (Georgia Tech, maryam@ece.gatech.edu)
Industry Team Members David Till (NERC), Hongtao Ma (NERC), Ben Kroposki (NREL), Kumaraguru Prabkar (NREL), Hung-Ming Chou (Dominion Energy), Aditya Korad (MISO), Evangelos Farantatos (EPRI), Deepak Ramasubramanian (EPRI), Wenzong Wang (EPRI), Harvey Scribner (SPP), Thibault Prevost (RTE), Guillaume Denis (RTE)
Project Period July 1, 2021 to August 31, 2023