Power Systems Engineering Research Center

S-96 Project Summary 

Data driven control of DERs & hybrid PV plants for enhancing voltage stability with TSO-DSO interactions over multiple timescales


This project addresses control & coordination of distribution system assets like DERs and hybrid PV plants with storage to provide real-time active/reactive power support to mitigate voltage instability in transmission systems over multiple timescales. A novel controller for hybrid PV plants will be developed that delivers the requested P/Q/V to the bulk grid. The control is robust to PV variability and disturbances in the grid and exploits the capabilities of DERs like storage. We will utilize physics-based data driven techniques to develop the control scheme of DERs and hybrid PV plants for mitigating the voltage instability in real-time using message-passing machine learning architecture. The control strategies will mitigate/contain inverter tip cascading during delayed voltage recovery events (seconds timeframe) and ensure a safe stability margin for credible scenarios in the next few dispatching intervals (10 min-1 hr). We will leverage existing Transmission-Distribution (TD) co-simulation platform (PSSE/GridLab-D [1] & OpenDSS) to implement proposed methodologies demonstrating their ability to mitigate voltage instability on practical systems while capturing TSO-DSO interactions. Further validation of the proposed data-drive methods will be done using a hardware-in-loop (HIL) real-time T&D test bed to ensure that controls are effective under noisy measurements & communication delay. 

Academic Team Members Project Leader: V. Ajjarapu (Iowa State University, vajjarap@iastate.edu)
Team Members: Hugo N. Villegas-Pico (Iowa State University, hvillegas@iastate.edu), Anurag K. Srivastava (Washington State University,  anurag.k.srivastava@wsu.edu)
Industry Team Members B. Leonardi (EPRI), F. Eladi (NRECA), C. Mishra (Dominion Energy), D. Ramasubramanian (EPRI), A.D. Rosso (EPRI), Y. Zhang (NREL), H. Scribner (SPP), K. Zhu (MISO), J. Tong (PJM), V. Krishnan (NREL), X. Zhang (GEIRINA), D. Shi (GEIRINA), B. Kroposki (NREL), P. Chongfuangprinya (Hitachi), W. Qiu (NERC), M. Parashar (GE)
Project Period July 1, 2021 to August 31, 2023