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Transmission and Distribution Technologies

Reliability Assessment and Modeling of Cyber Enabled Power Systems with Renewable Sources and Energy Storage (T-53)

Summary Smart grid technologies have significant advantages in terms of efficiency, interoperability, and sustainability. These advancements have motivated the stakeholders to work on improved system control, renewable integration, and communication and security aspects. While a significant effort has been undertaken to analyze security aspects, the impacts of intermittent energy sources, dynamic loads, as well as of interdependency between cyber and current-carrying parts on the reliability of the entire system have not been fully investigated. The proposed work will develop a methodology for evaluation of the power system reliability in a holistic manner. Our methodology will enable the utilities to analyze the implications on power system reliability due to the introduction of advanced monitoring and control systems, renewable integration, and energy storage.
Academic Team Members Project Leader: Chanan Singh (Texas A&M University, singh@ece.tamu.edu)
Team members: Visvakumar Aravinthan (Wichita State University, visvakumar.aravinthan@wichita.edu);
Alex Sprintson (Texas A&M University, spalex@tamu.edu)
Industry Team Members Mirrasoul Mousavi (ABB); Jeff Fleeman (AEP), Kyle Phillips (AEP); Wenyuan Li (BC Hydro); Adam Wigington (EPRI); Miaolei Shao (GE Energy Management); Xiaochuan Luo (ISO New England); Liang Min (Lawrence Livermore National Lab)