Power Systems Engineering Research Center

T-57HI Project Summary

Life-cycle Management of Mission-Critical Systems through Certification, Commissioning, In-Service Maintenance, Remote Testing, and Risk Assessment

Summary The life-cycle management of mission critical systems is particularly complex since it requires tools and methodologies that are not readily available, so some custom approaches are typically taken, which may be costly. Typical examples are the deployment of synchrophasor based Wide Area Protection, Monitoring and Control (WAMPAC) and Special Protection System (SPS) where no standard tools for certification, commissioning, in-service maintenance and risk assessment are available. This project will deliver such tools and make some of them readily available for the industry to use at the host universities. This project team was involved in several related PSERC projects resulting the high impact project as the next step.
Academic Team Members Project Leader: Mladen Kezunovic (Texas A&M University, kezunov@ece.tamu.edu)
Team members: Sakis Meliopoulos (Georgia Institute of Technology, sakis.m@gatech.edu )
Thomas Overbye (University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, overbye@illinois.edu)
David Bakken (Washington State University, bakken@wsu.edu)
Anurag Srivastava (Washington State University, asrivast@eecs.wsu.edu)
Industry Team Members Jay Giri (Alstom Grid), Don Sevcik (CenterPoint), Floyd Galvan (Entergy), Angela Nelson (Entergy), Lisa Beard (Entergy), Alberto Del Rosso (EPRI), Paul Mydra (EPRI), Evangelos Farantatos (EPRI), Orlando Ciniglio (Idaho Power), Eugene Litvinov (ISO-NE), Xiaochuan Luo (ISO-NE), Frankie (Qiang) Zhang (ISO-NE), Tongxin Zheng (ISO-NE), Mark Westendorf (MISO), Kevin Frankeny (MISO), Michael Swider (NYISO), Ed Cano (NYISO), Muhammad Marwali (NYISO), Rana Mukerji (NYISO), Bruce Fardanesh (NYPA), Saman Babei (NYPA), George Stefopoulos (NYPA), Mark Laufenberg (PowerWorld), Patrick Panciatici (RTE France), Thibault Prevost (RTE France), Gabriel Bareux (RTE France)
Project Period  July 1, 2015 to August 31, 2018