Power Systems Engineering Research Center

T-60 Project Summary 

Framework to Analyze Interactions between Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Systems with High Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Penetrations

Summary This project aims at developing an integrated T&D system analysis framework to study and mitigate the impacts of high penetrations of DERs. A coupled T&D analysis framework is developed through co-simulation approach. The framework utilizes legacy software to separately solve the decoupled models. The T&D interactions are captured by exchanging network solutions at the point of common coupling (PCC). The co-simulation approach adds modularity to the analysis and helps in achieving speed and scalability. The framework is utilized to understand and mitigate the impacts of high DER penetrations. Power quality issues which are otherwise difficult to model are studied, and mitigation schemes are proposed. Finally, the utility of DERs as an active participant in system operations is explored.
Academic Team Members Project Leader: Anamika Dubey (Washington State University, anamika.dubey@wsu.edu)
Team members: P.K. Sen (Colorado School of Mines, psen@mines.edu)
Industry Team Members Devin T Van Zandt (GE Energy), Lei Fan (GE Energy), Sakshi Mishra (AEP), Larry E Anderson II (AEP), Pankaj Kansal (AEP), Beverly Laios (AEP), Tom Weaver III (AEP), Anupam Thatte (MISO), Yohan Sutjandra (The Energy Authority), Angel Aquino (PowerWorld), S. Kolluri (Entergy), Aftab Alam (CAISO), Bill Middaugh (Tri-State G&T), Chris Pink (Tri-State G&T), Fei Ding (NREL), Bryan Palmintier (NREL), Murali Baggu (NREL), Benjamin Kroposki (NREL), Santosh Veda (NREL), Dan Hamai (WAPA), Di Shi (GEIRI), Xi Xhen (GEIRI), Orlando Ciniglio (Idaho Power), Milorad Papic (Idaho Power), Francisco G Velez-Cedeno (Dominion Virginia Power), Gefei "Derek" Kou (Dominion Virginia Power), Deepak Ramasubramanian (EPRI), Anish Gaikwad (EPRI), Parag Mitra (EPRI), Jens Boemer (EPRI), Evangelos Farantatos (EPRI), Chetan Mishra (Dominion Energy)
Project Period July 1, 2017 to August 31, 2019