Power Systems Engineering Research Center

T-61 Project Summary 

Optimal Model Coordination for Integrated Transmission and Distribution Systems

Summary As distributed energy resources (DERs) are more widely deployed, mainly within the distribution system, traditional models for T&D networks may not be satisfactory. Historically, distribution and transmission have been loosely coupled because the majority of energy resources were interconnected at the transmission system level. The emerging changes to distribution systems are driving the industry to consider modeling greater detail of the distribution system, and potentially co-simulation between transmission and distribution models. The challenge is determining how much of the distribution system needs to be modeled and whether all three phases (with unbalance) need to be included in the models. The goal is to provide planners with sufficient data to form an accurate view of the system with increasing penetrations of DER. This project will identify the necessary details that are required to provide a reasonably accurate picture of future T&D systems. The following questions will be addressed in this work: (a) With more generation at the distribution level, do all, or only a subset, of distribution feeders need to be modeled? (b) How effective are composite load models, as increasing levels of DER are connected? (c) What is the incremental value of co-simulation? (d) To what extent can existing proprietary applications such as GE PSLF and Cyme be used to support future needs? Separate models for transmission that include critical amount of information of distribution, and for distribution that include relevant transmission characteristics, in place of a fully combined model will be investigated. Existing models will be evaluated, and new models will be developed as needed, by comparing with traditional separated T&D framework and a fully combined T&D co-simulation.
Academic Team Members

Project Leader: Visvakumar Aravinthan (Wichita State University, visvakumar.aravinthan@wichita.edu) Team members: Lindsay Anderson (Cornell University, landerson@cornell.edu), Judith Cardell (Smith College, jcardell@smith.edu), Ward Jewell (Wichita State University, ward.jewell@wichita.edu)

Industry Team Members

Jay Caspary (SPP), Mirrasoul Moussavi (Energy & Automation ABB), Jim Price (CAISO), Deepak Ramasubramanian (EPRI), Jens Boemer (EPRI), Anish Gaikwad (EPRI), Parag Mitra (EPRI), Evangelos Farantatos (EPRI), Miaolei Shao (GE Power), Michael Swider (New York ISO), Devin Van Zandt (GE), Rui Yang (NREL),  Tongxin Zheng, (ISO New England)

Project Period July 1, 2018 to August 31, 2020