Power Systems Engineering Research Center

White Papers

PSERC publishes white papers to provide research and education perspectives on important issues facing the electric power industry, customers, and policy-makers.

  • A Grand Challenge for the Future Grid
    October 2014 [PDF 340K]

  • Challenges in Integrating Renewable Technologies into an Electric Power System
    April 2010 [PDF 74K]

  • U.S. Energy Infrastructure Investment: Large-Scale Integrated Smart Grid Solutions with High Penetration of Renewable Resources, Dispersed Generation, and Customer Participation
    March 2009 [PDF 350K]

  • U.S. Energy Infrastructure Investment: Long-Term Strategic Planning to Inform Policy Development
    March 2009 [PDF 334K]

  • The Electric Power Industry and Climate Change: Power Systems Research Possibilities
    June 2007 [PDF 502K]

Periodically, PSERC has conducted Executive Forums on important topics to the electric power industry. The following synopses are available.

  • Executive Forum on Solutions to Transmission Investment: Participant Ideas on Challenges, Solutions, and Steps to Improving and Expanding the Electric Transmission Grid (April 21, 2006, in Chicago, IL)
    May 2006 [PDF 170K]

  • Executive Forum on Planning, Markets and Investment in the Electric Supply Industry (March 7, 2008 in New York City, NY)
    June 2009 [PDF 96K]

  • Executive Forum on Cyber and Physical Infrastructure for the Future Grid (May 4-5, 2015 in Arlington, VA)
    October 2015 [PDF 500K]

PSERC is working with the Power and Energy Engineering Workforce Collaborative of the IEEE Power & Energy Society to enhance and sustain the education system to produce enough well-qualified engineers to meet the future job requirements of the next generation electric energy system. PSERC members contributed to the creation of this 2009 report:

  • Preparing the U.S. Foundation for Future Electric Energy Systems: A Strong Power and Energy Engineering Workforce
    April 2009 [PDF 1.3M]