2018 Webinars


Jan 23: Online Intrusion Tolerance and Response in Power Systems
Kate Davis, Texas A&M University
announcement  |  slides  |  recorded webinar

Feb 13: Large-Scale Electric Energy Storage Integration in Grids with Integrated Renewable Energy Resources
George Gross, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
announcement  |  slides  |  recorded webinar (audio only)

Mar 6:  Real Time Voltage Stability Assessment, Monitoring and Control in the New Environment
Ajjarapu Venkataramana, Iowa State University
announcement  |  slides  |  recorded webinar

Mar 27: An Online Learning Approach to Algorithmic Bidding for Virtual Trading in Electricity Markets
Lang Tong, Cornell University
announcement  |  slides  |  recorded webinar

Apr 17: Reliability Considerations in Cyber-Power Dependent Systems
Ara Visvakumar, Wichita University
announcement  |  slides  |  recorded webinar


Sept 4: Mobilizing Grid Flexibility for Renewables Integration through Topology Control and Dynamic Thermal Ratings
Shmuel Oren, University of California, Berkeley
announcement  |  slides  |  webinar recording

Sept 25: New Energy Space Modeling for Next Generation SCADA and Protocols for Electricity Service at Value
Marija Ilic, MIT
announcement  |  slides  |   webinar recording

Oct 16:  Analysis of Power System Operational Uncertainty from Gas System Dependence
Sarah Ryan, Iowa State
announcement  |   slides  |   webinar recording

Nov 6: Power System with 100% Inverter-Based Generation
Ali Mehrizi-Sani, Washington State
announcement  |   slides  |   webinar recording

Nov 20: The Digital Substation: Resilient and Cyber Secure Protection and Control
Sakis Meliopoulos, Georgia Tech
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