Power Systems Engineering Research Center

2011 Webinars

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Feb. 1

Demand Response: A Historical Perspective and Business Models for Load Control Aggregation

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Feb. 15

The 21st Century Substation

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Mar. 1

Towards a Secure, Wireless-Based, Home Area Network for Metering in Smart Grids

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Mar. 15

AC Optimal Power Flow Studies in Reduced-Carbon Electric Power System Operations

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Mar. 29

The Impact of Carbon Cap and Trade Regulation on Congested Electricity Market Equilibrium

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Apr. 5

Optimal Generation Scheduling in a Carbon Dioxide Allowance Market Environment

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Apr. 19

Transformer Overloading and Assessment of Loss-of-Life for Liquid-Filled Transformers.

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May 3

Electric Energy and Power Consumption by Light-Duty Plug-In Electric Vehicles

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Jun. 7

National Energy and Transportation Infrastructure: Long-Term Planning for Cost, Sustainability, and Resiliency

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Aug. 10

Grid Integration of Renewable Energy Sources: Research Challenges and Opportunities

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Sep. 6

Reduced Network Modeling of the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC) as a Market Design Prototype

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Sep. 27

Impact of PHEV’s on Design of Distributed Electrical Islanded Resources

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Oct. 4

Data Delivery Mechanisms and Issues for Wide Area Measurement Systems

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Oct. 26

Validation and Accreditation of Transient Stability Results

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Nov. 1

Wind Output Forecasts and Scenario Analysis for Stochastic Multiperiod Optimal Power Flow

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Dec. 13

Energy & Water Nexus

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